Getting Started with Shop Management Solution (Basic)

Getting Started with Shop Management Solution – Basic

Shop Management Solution (Basic) is a Free Open Source Community software licensed under GPL version 2 for small and medium retailer stores. Lets get started with it.


  1. Single Machine
  2. Single User
  3. Cash counter Management
  4. Customer Billing
  5. Manage Item Types
  6. Manage Contractors / Vendors
  7. Multiple Languages Support
  8. English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali
  9. Sale Item(s)
  10. Export PDF
  11. Sale Receipt Only
  12. A4 Paper Size Receipt


First step in using shop management solution is to install it on you PC. In order to work correctly you need to install all dependencies. Please install all Pre Requisites before installing shop management solution basic version. Then you should download Shop Management Solution (Basic) Version and Install it.


Download & Install Shop Management Solution

After install Pre-Requisites you should download Shop Management Solution (Basic). Click here to download

Double click on downloaded Shop Management Solution v4.2.msi

Following Installation Wizard will open

Wizard Step 1

Click on Next Button.

Wizard Step 2

Please choice the path where you want to install Shop Management Solution (Default’s is in C:\Program Files(x86). Click on Next Button.

Wizard Step 3


Now click on Install Button 

Wizard Step 4

Now Click on Finish Button.

Go to Start Menu


Click on Shop_Solution.exe.

Shop Management Solution will startup with welcome screen.


Loading Program\

Congratulations! you have installed it successfully.


Main Page

Configuring your shop settings

First step after installation should be to configure your shop settings. Go to Tools -> Settings

Settings Panel

  1. Set your desired currency symbol as per your country.
  2. Enter your Shop Name (Same will be printed on sale receipt)
  3. Enter your Shop Address (Same will be printed on sale receipt)
  4. Select Header Image for (Same will be printed on sale receipt)
  5. Select your desired language from (English, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi)
  6. Click on Save Button



Congratulation! You can now start entering your inventory and perform sales activity. Tutorial on Adding Inventory and Performing Sales Activity will be posted Next Week! Stay Tuned.

Have a Happy Shop Managing Experience.


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