How to Manage Item Type and Add New Stock in Shop Management Solution

How to add item type and stock – Basic version

Shop Management Solution (Basic) is a Free Open Source Community software licensed under GPL version 2 for small and medium retailer stores. Lets learn How to add inventory and perform sales activity using Basic Version (Free)

Before going into the details of adding inventory and performing sales. Lets go through some of the fundamental concepts used by Shop Management Solution

Fundamental Concepts

What is Item Type?

It is the smallest unit of inventory used by Shop Management Solution. It is the classification of real world shop item. Like CD, Food Can, Core 2 Duo Processors etc.

It has attributes like name, purchase price, sale price, vendor (manufacturer), units, sale price and bar code.

What is Unit?

Units are used to specify / define the quantity of item like KG, Pounds, Pieces etc.

How to Manage Item Types?




Click on File => Manage Item OR Tasks Manage Item Type

Adding New Item Type

  1. Enter Item Type Details ( Name, Purchase Price, Sale Price, Bar code, Vendor and Unit)
  2. Click on Add Button
  3. Click on Save Changes



Update Item Type

  1. Select the Item Type Row in Grid (It will be populate its value in Item Details Section)
  2. Make your desired data changes
  3. Click on Update Button
  4. Click on Save Changes

Delete Item Type

  1. Select the Item Type Row in Grid (It will be populate its value in Item Details Section)
  2. Click on Delete Button
  3. Click on Save Changes


Adding Inventory In Stock

main-dashboard-add-purchaseClick on File => Add Purchase(s) OR Tasks => Add Purchase(s)


  1. Select Date of Purchase (Default is set to current date)
  2. Select Item Type (For adding new item type See Add New Item Type Section)
  3. Type the Item Quantity (Can be Decimal)
  4. Select the Contractor (Contractor is Wholesale Dealer from where you are purchasing).
  5. Click on Save Button


Following Success Message “New stock inserted successfully.” will be displayed.

Congratulation, You have learned how to manage item type and add new stock in shop management solution basic edition

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